Ph.D, a new achievement for me upto 09/2016, after a six-year long run to this goal. This is not a stop, yet another new start for me. My thesis advisor was Prof. Yaohui Jin at Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.. Now the thesis is open for public (just in Chinese version, officially). Before that, I received my B.S. of Optical Information and Science Technology at Xidian University since 2010.

Shortly put, my Ph.D research was on renewed models and characteristics of human mobility, with advanced statistical techniques and large-scale network traffic. There is a large gap between observable behavioral patterns and digital bits, as collected from raw network data, such as mobile geo-locations, application traffic etc.. Advanced analysis and modeling approaches are still in a shortage. This shortage inspires my initial efforts on the work. Since then, I become a data enthusiast.

A previous painful searching for high-quality research data urges me to start the awesome-public-data community. I reviewed hundreds of web pages, research papers, personal blogs and so on to make a tidy list of high-quality datasets in public domains. This community is activated since then. Hundreds of guys have contributed and helped to validate the items. Many thanks to them!